Way of Hope

We support the ‘Way of Hope’ Foundation 

-a non profit charitable organisation based in Hungary.  The foundation works with orphans and disadvantaged youngsters in Hungary, Croatia. Serbia and Ukraine.   It was started in 1989 by Zoltan and Eva Szilagyi who saw the need to care and support these youngsters.  Kornel and Ruth Szilagyi lead the work supported by teams of volunteers. They conduct regular visits to orphan homes and run summer camps in each country.

Jim Dunn is a member of the international board of directors and co-ordinates fund raising activities within the UK.

Visit the Way of Hope website;  www.wayofhope.co.uk for more information. To make a donation: By cheque – payable to: ‘Children of Romania and Eastern Europe.  By bank transfer  Account name ‘Children of Romania and Eastern Europe.  Account No. 90257230. Bank sort code 20-44-86.   By credit/debit card.  Go to:  www.justgiving.com enter the name of the charity (Way of Hope) – charity No. 1015557 and follow the on-screen instructions.






Brian and Sheila Keel returned to Kenya recently to establish a number of strategies.  The work involves leadership training which John Birch and Joseph Wandera, who visit Kenya to help Churches in Webuye, are also involved with.


A very encouraging ministry continues in Southern India involving a successful gospel outreach and a work with 20 orphans. A recent visit was a great joy to be part of. Our man on the ground is Edwin Shyam Kavuri along with his wife Bujji.


For anyone reading this website and looking for an opportunity to pray specifically, we would welcome your prayer contribution for each of these works.